YCK Home Game Adult Ticket – Batley Bulldogs 18th July 7:45PM


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Get yourself a discount voucher to York City Knights vs Batley Bulldogs at the LNER Community Stadium on 18th July 2022.

Once you purchase your voucher, just head on over to The Knights webpage, select your seats and then insert your voucher code into the site.  This will reduce the ticket price by £20 per code entered.

Simple as that.

Supporting your home team for a great price!

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The Voucher will be made available electronically to the Customer after purchasing the voucher. Jorvik Radio reserves the right to refuse to accept orders, including those originating from outside of the United Kingdom.

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In any event that multiple vouchers exist then the first voucher to be presented to the relevant partner will be accepted regardless of whom made the payment. Multiple vouchers are regarded as invalid.

Termination of the Contract

Jorvik Radio may refuse to complete a Customer’s order in certain circumstances which include but are not limited to;
i. typing errors on the part of the Customer;
ii. where the Customer has any outstanding liabilities to Jorvik Radio;
iii. where the Customer has failed to pay the Purchase Price or any other fees due by them; or
iv. where the Voucher is no longer available.

Refund Policy

Once purchased, vouchers cannot be transferred, exchanged, refunded or returned.

Should an establishment cease trading within the validity period then a refund will be issued. The Customer can obtain a refund by writing to and including a copy of the voucher to; Jorvik Radio Voucher Scheme, Jorvik Radio, The Centre @ Burnholme, Mossdale Avenue, York, England, YO31 0HA.

Should an establishment withdraw its participation during the validity period then a refund will be offered to the Customer. The Customer can request a refund in writing as per the instructions above.

Refunds can only be granted under the following conditions:

i. To the individual who purchased the Voucher;
ii. To the same credit or debit card the Voucher was purchased on; and
iii. Refunds cannot be given on expired or redeemed Vouchers.

Guarantee and Liability

Jorvik Radio’s liability is hereby limited to the value of the Voucher.

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